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Why to Invest in Pre-Rented Property & what are its benefits .

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Why one should consider investing in Pre Rented Properties in Gurgaon and not in a vacant flat, house, or newly furnished apartment.

Pre-rented property or pre-leased property is unarguably the most interesting point of discussion among real estate investors. However, this isn’t something we aren’t aware of. Still, if you want to gather more details on this great thing, let’s help you out.

To simplify, pre rented property refers to a property that is already rent out to someone. Meanwhile, if an investor purchases such pre-rented property and becomes an owner, the tenant living on this property will be then liable to give the leasing amount- either monthly or yearly- to the new owner.

Key Reasons: Why To Purchase Pre Rented Properties in Gurgaon ?

Savvy investors pay close attention to the nitty-gritty of real estate. That’s why they capture enormous returns and beyond a doubt, the pre-rented property holds a special position here as a couple of reasons evidence it.

Tenants are Bound To Follow Lock-in Period :

The booming infrastructure and economic prosperity are excellent reasons that make Gurgaon an attractive destination for jobseekers from other zones. Since salary packages are relatively higher in Gurgaon, tenants are willing to offer you the desired return for as long as you want.

The job stability is comparatively higher in the city. You can expect consistent rental income against the  Rental property in Gurgaon you own.

Higher ROI in Well-Developed Areas :

Gurgaon is popularly known as an industrial and financial city, where property rates continue to rise exponentially over the last few years. Property in well-developed metro cities such as Gurgaon captures the highest lease rate than other cities in the adjacent areas.

However, the premier reason is Gurgaon’s proximity to the capital of India-Delhi that guarantees higher ROI on your investment.

Easy Loans :

Getting loans on the  Pre Rented Properties in Gurgaon is pretty more effortless as compared to vacant land or under-developed house. For instance- a financial institution may refuse to give you the desired loan amount on vacant land.

Still, they may not put any excuse on issuing you a loan on a pre-lease property as this will give them an indication that EMI will be paid on time as the owner is creating an income source with the deal.

Risk Averse :

For risk-averse investors who don’t want to lose their money but aspire to make a secure investment, pre-leased properties are undoubtedly a great option. If the tenants living in the property were giving rent to the old owner on time, you could expect a fair deal.

Even though you want to offer your pre-leased property to a new tenant, you’ll not encounter a problem here. If already people on rent are residing in the area, you’ll find it a hassle-free task.

Incremental Rental Income :

Rental income isn’t stable in Gurgaon; it increases with every passing year making it the best passive income source for real estate investors. Pre Rented Properties in Gurgaon are generating a good income.

The rent in metro cities such as Gurgaon starts from Rs 15,000 a month and goes up to lakhs based on the type of property you purchase.

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